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Shunfeng SF-1099 water based preprinted varnish

Water Based Varnish

Shunfeng SF-1099 water based preprinted varnish

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SF-1099 Water-Based Pre-Printing Gloss Varnish: Enhancing Flexographic Printing with Brilliance

Elevate your packaging’s visual impact with SF-1099 Water-Based Pre-Printing Gloss Varnish, specifically engineered for the flexographic water-based ink pre-printing process. This varnish is a game-changer for industries seeking a high-quality gloss finish with the added benefits of temperature resistance and anti-skid properties.


SF-1099 is the preferred choice for a range of packaging applications, especially where a glossy finish is desired:

Beer Boxes
Beverage Packaging
Electronic Product Packaging Boxes
Exquisite Packaging Boxes for Various Industries
The versatility of SF-1099 in enhancing the appeal of high-quality packaging is unmatched.

Compatible Substrates

This varnish has been developed to work seamlessly with a variety of paper substrates, ensuring wide applicability:

White Cardboard
Kraft Paper
Coated Paper
Corrugated Cardboard
The compatibility with these substrates ensures that SF-1099 can be used in a broad spectrum of packaging applications.

Revolutionize Your Packaging Process:

Integrating SF-1099 Water-Based Pre-Printing Gloss Varnish into your production line means not only achieving a stunning glossy effect but also benefiting from its high temperature and anti-skid properties. This product is a testament to innovation in flexographic printing, providing solutions that meet the practical demands of the packaging industry while enhancing the aesthetic value of the end product. Choose SF-1099 for packaging that catches the eye and performs exceptionally well under various conditions.


Items Test Method Test Equipment Test Standard
Appearance GB_T1721-2008 Visual inspection Milky white
Viscosity GB/T13217.4 With Tu 4# cup @25 30±5s (customize)
Solid content GB/T12005.2 Oven 40±2%
Glossiness GB/T13217.2 Universal type, projection angle 60° 44-55
Adhesiveness GB/T13217.7 3M tape, not lost once Paste the printing surface with 3M tape and pull
Wear-resisting GB T7706-2008 4 lb A4 paper on the coated surface 400 times
After tackiness GB/T13217.8 Temperature 60/humidity 85% RH/24h Non -sticky

*Note: The viscosity is tested with a rotary viscometer (NDJ series), (Shanghai Nirun, Shanghai Jingke), American BROOKFIELD, unit : centipoise · second.