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Shunfeng SFP Water based pre-printing ink

Water Based Flexo Ink

Shunfeng SFP Water based pre-printing ink


Product Features


High-Temperature Resistance: The SF-P Series stands up to the rigors of processing, ensuring that your prints maintain integrity and color vibrancy, even under high-temperature conditions.
Strong Adhesion: Our formulation ensures that the ink adheres strongly to substrates, resulting in crisp, clear prints that last.
Superior Transferability: The ink’s excellent printing transfer capabilities mean that each print is sharp, consistent, and of the highest quality.
Exceptional Leveling Performance: Expect a smooth, even application with no streaking or blotching, thanks to the ink’s outstanding leveling properties.
Environmentally Friendly Cleaning: The water-based composition not only makes cleanup a breeze but also supports your commitment to eco-friendly practices.
Odorless: Enhance the working environment with ink that emits no irritating odors, allowing for a more comfortable experience for operators and clients alike.
Quick Drying: Boost your productivity with our ink that dries quickly, facilitating faster production times and throughput.


The SF-P Series Ink is tailored for use in the creation of premium packaging for a variety of high-end products, including: High-End Wine Boxes, Luxury Gift Packaging, Premium Cosmetic Packaging, These applications benefit from the ink’s resilience and aesthetic appeal, ensuring that the end product is not just protected, but also visually stunning.

Compatible Substrates:
Designed with versatility in mind, the SF-P Series is suitable for printing on an array of materials: Various White Cardboard Types, Kraft Cardboard, Coated Paper
This range of compatible substrates ensures that regardless of the packaging material, the SF-P Series will deliver consistent and high-quality results.

Main Markets:
With a strong presence in key regions, the SF-P Series ink has become a product of choice in: Southeast Asia, Russia.
In these markets, our ink is celebrated for its adaptability and superior performance in creating high-end packaging solutions.
Choose the SF-P Series Water-Based Pre-Printing Ink for all your high-grade corrugated carton needs and guarantee your products stand out with quality, resilience, and elegance.


Items Test Method Test Equipment Test Standard
Viscosity GB/T13217.4 Rotary viscometer Flexo printing:18土5 seconds
Fineness GB/T13217.3 Scraper fineness meter ≤5um
PH value GB/T5211.6 Use a pH meter to measure 8.0~9.0
Light fastness GB/T22771 Use xenon arc lamp irradiation Level 4~7 optional

*Note: The viscosity is tested with a rotary viscometer (NDJ series), (Shanghai Nirun, Shanghai Jingke), American BROOKFIELD, unit : centipoise · second.