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Shunfeng UV high gloss varnish

UV Varnish

Shunfeng UV high gloss varnish


Product Features


Superior Gloss Finish: Our UV Gloss Varnish imparts a stunning shine to your printed products, significantly enhancing visual appeal with a luxurious touch.
Enhanced Wear Resistance: Protect your prints with a varnish that provides robust wear resistance, ensuring long-lasting quality and reducing the risk of scratches and scuffs.
Odorless Application: Experience a cleaner, more comfortable production environment. Our varnish is free from the strong odors typically associated with printing varnishes, making it a more pleasant choice for operators and end-users alike.
Compatibility with UV Inks: Formulated to work harmoniously with various UV inks, our varnish ensures versatile application without compromising the quality of your prints.
Online Varnishing Capability: Streamline your workflow with the ability to apply our varnish online with inks, enabling a more efficient process and quicker turnaround times.


This UV Gloss Varnish is ideal for a wide range of high-gloss printing applications, including: Premium Business Cards, High-Quality Brochures and Flyers, Luxury Packaging, Marketing Materials, Photobooks and Albums, Labels and Stickers.

Compatible Substrates:
Our UV Gloss Varnish is highly adaptable and can be applied to a broad spectrum of substrates, ensuring exceptional results on: All Types of Paper (Coated and Uncoated), Plastic Sheets and Films, Specialty Substrates for Premium Print Products.

Target Markets: Specially catering to the dynamic printing needs of Southeast Asia and Russia, our UV Gloss Varnish is poised to make an impact in these key markets by meeting the high standards of gloss and durability required by discerning customers.
Whether you’re creating stunning marketing collaterals or eye-catching packaging, our UV Gloss Varnish will provide the finishing touch that makes your product stand out. Upgrade your printing capabilities and impress your clients with the unmatched quality and resilience of our UV Gloss Varnish solution.


NO Items Test Method Test Equipment Test Standard
1 Fineness GB/T675.1-2007 Scraper fineness meter 0
2 Viscosity GB/T13217.4 Rotary viscometer 300-500PPS
3 Solid Content GB/T17235  Oven 100%-99%
4 Gloss GB/T13217.2  Gloss meter  95±5
5 Adhesion GB9286-1998  3M tape  No shedding
6 Hue GB/13217.1  Visual inspection/color separation instrument  Approximate standard sample ≥ 1.5
7 Dry GB/T13217.5  UV curing machine 3000W/60m*2 lamp

*Note: The viscosity is tested with a rotary viscometer (NDJ series), (Shanghai Nirun, Shanghai Jingke), American BROOKFIELD, unit : centipoise · second.